Jennifer Winget’s Beyhadh 2 Gets 2 New Cast Members in Paras Madaan, Nikunj Malik

The long-awaited Beyhadh series returns to Jennifer Wingate with her second season. Last season, Jennifer Wingate and Kushal Tandon were paired as the main pair, while Anri Fagani played the lead, while this season, Shivin Narang and Ashish Chaudhry will play men’s roles, while Jennifer Maya maybe her character. He did.


Now, according to recent reports, actor Paras Madan Jennifer, who was last seen in Divya Drishti, began playing the role of Tipsy aka Rajiv, Jennifer’s friend. India forums suggest he will play a rich naughty role that will be Maya’s friend.

At the same time, actress Nikung Malik, who was last seen in Kalirin, plays an important role in the series.

Since Jennifer posted her TV queue on Instagram, fans have been waiting for Maya’s first show.

Speaking of the next “Bayhid 2” story, it is reported that Jennifer’s story of revenge on the Mayan hero lies with a mature man played by Ashish Chaudhry and is then dumped. While he sees Shivin playing his son.

Maya then tries to take revenge on her son Shivin by falling in love with her.

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